About ASK, Ingolf Kruseman

My name is Ingolf Kruseman. I founded ASK in 1995. ASK is an interior architecture firm and a design agency for green buildings and homes. I also provide 3D visualization and animations for presentation assignments for various projects. I also offer 3D support in real estate projects, including during the architect's design process. I work together with a network of reliable small companies, such as web designers and building design agencies, and can thus provide a total concept.

The Customers wish is central!
Customer satisfaction, affordability and reliability are my priority. Of course I am flexible in design and design. I actively think along with customers and provide expert advice, so that their dream can actually become a reality, within their budget.

My designs are based on new innovations, a healthier society and sustainability. Using as many healthy building materials and sustainable building techniques as possible. The essence is that people are central and can live in good harmony with the natural elements around us.

Designing is my passion and that is coupled with my second passion: applying ecological and sustainable principles and materials. This has everything to do with my sense of health and doing justice to the earth. I have been doing this from the start and I am happy that energy-friendly, healthy, ecological construction is gaining more ground.

Green buildings
I have a lot of experience with green and healthy building, such as with biobased building materials such as straw or hemp. Eco-materials often give that little bit of extra homely warm feeling.

But I believe that it should not only stay with materials. Daylight, design, use of color and integrated plants are also very important for human well-being. That is why I design integrally and take into account all elements in the building.

I also have attention for reuse or the circular economy model, where building materials ultimately end up as much as possible in the manufacturing industry or chain of reuse.

Holistic design.

I design integrally based on, among other things, the sacred geometry, the golden ratio and the law of Pi. In addition, I am inspired by forms from nature and the microscopic world of our existence. Holistic design also has everything to do with aspects of healthy building, sustainable measures and social aspects of our existence.